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Pell Frischmann has been providing Process and MEICA consultancy services in the Water Sector since 1989, demonstrating their expertise over a broad range of industries including manufacturing, food processing, water & power utilities and industrial developments.

Led by Brad Moxham, our Process MEICA Team has worked on notable projects throughout the UK in the public water utility sector, from the iconic Mayflower Water Treatment Works, state-of-the-art infrastructure providing Plymouth and its surrounding area clean water, and Newham STW Upgrade, a site treating wastewater from Truro to accommodate its rapid population growth – both of these for South West Water in Devon.

Pell Frischmann works with both private and public-sector clients and is experienced in all stages of Water Process and MEICA Engineering, including, project definition, feasibility studies, scoping, process selection, sizing and optimisation as well as commissioning and trouble shooting. Our greatest value is added through our involvement during the initial stages of project development, when our teams can provide innovative solutions more freely and creatively. However, significant efficiencies are also delivered thorough retrospective hazard assessments, HAZOP and DSEAR assessments which are often undertaken on existing operational facilities to ensure the process plant are optimised, compliant with regulations and safe to operate.

Pell Frischmann embraces cutting-edge technology and processes to adapt to societal demands and the ever-present environmental challenges. Our Process MEICA Team’s knowledge and collaborative approach supports the integration of emerging and new technology within the sector and, in particular, the retrofitting or upgrading of existing facilities. This ensures that new process and MEICA systems perform effectively to deliver added value over the lifetime of the scheme whilst maintaining maximum efficiency.

The pressures of climate change, growing demand for water resources, energy deficiency and increasing environmental constraints is driving the need to adapt and adopt sustainable solutions in the water sector. Water reuse, carbon neutrality, energy efficient processes and resource recovery are vital to the sustainability of the sector and will be a key focus for all future AMP cycles.

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