Materials and Waste Management

In order to help our client’s establish compliant, practical and deliverable solutions for their sites; as part of our wider Sustainability and Circular Economy services, the geoenvironmental team also provides Materials and Waste Management services relating to site-won materials including demolition arisings and soil. We work closely with our geotechnical colleagues to deliver the material management solutions that will work for you and your projects.

Waste assessment (preconstruction)

The costs associated with offsite disposal of excavated soil arisings can be considerable and will vary significantly depending on the classification of the arisings (e.g. hazardous or non-hazardous). Understanding likely waste classifications and acceptance (based on geochemical nature of the soils) earlier in the design process can help inform future decisions relating to costs and practicalities associated with disposal and management of the waste. Specific programme and logistical implications can also be considered and planned, such as the amount of space required for stockpiling or treatment and the length of time that materials may need to reside on-site prior to off-site disposal or re-use. Our waste assessments will also help to inform sustainable waste and material management decisions and outcomes.

Materials management

Reuse of site won soil arisings and secondary aggregates (e.g. from demolition onsite) will minimise waste volumes and costs; optimise material resource efficiency in line with the waste hierarchy and promote sustainability (e.g. reusing instead of importing/buying new materials).  Incorporating Materials Management Strategies into the design process early offers the greatest opportunity to realise potential cost savings, optimise material efficiency, inform risk registers and identify potential constraints. Land contamination and geotechnical site investigation provide opportunities to consider preconstruction Waste Assessments and Materials Management options.

The figures below illustrate how we can integrate our Materials and Waste Management services with our Land Contamination Risk Management services:




As part of our material strategy toolkit, we have developed innovative data management and material quantification workflows that allow us to provide rapid data driven material balance assessments using our in-house GIS systems. These allow us to provide detailed graphical and tabulated outcomes that combine 3D terrain, development and site investigation data that can optimise design choices and provide early cost certainty to projects.

Our services
  • Due diligence and feasibility appraisals
  • CL:AIRE Qualified Person (QP) role
  • Earthworks balance assessments
  • Expert witness
  • Material management plans and all supporting documents (remediation or design statement routes)
  • Material management plan verification reports
  • Material management strategies
  • Options and opportunities assessments
  • Site investigation and stockpile sampling
  • Waste classification assessments
  • Waste acceptance assessments
  • Waste guides (in construction)
Additional Services
  • Contractors waste guides
  • Site waste management plans
  • Training for site teams that are sampling stockpiles for waste classification
Training Courses

We also provide a range of bespoke training courses that can be tailored to suit your business or project from introductory awareness course to presentations or workshops that target a specific site/project concern in more detail.

Our suite of services is designed to support you throughout your project journey.


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