Environmental Management & Assessment

Our environmental management and assessment team are experts in assessing and resolving potential impacts and constraints on a wide range of developments, focussing on positive environmental outcomes and maximising opportunities for environmental enhancement and social value.

What We Do

We manage all stages of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process and component technical studies, from baseline surveys through to developing mitigation strategies and proposing improvements to a scheme’s design. This helps define the environmental and wider sustainability credentials of a project, which in turn maximises the chances of a successful planning or consenting outcome. We also advise on the environmental aspects of, and specialist input to, projects that fall below the thresholds of statutory EIA process. Our approach is founded on providing pragmatic, multi-disciplinary advice and services which draw upon our detail understanding of environmental and technical ‘best practice’, planning policy and legislation.

We always strive for technical excellence and providing clear advice to our clients, whilst ensuring that the environmental statements and other reports we produce are focused, proportionate and robust. Where required, we can integrate the separate assessment processes of EIA, environmental permitting, health impact assessment (HIA), carbon and climate change, flood risk, habitats regulation assessment (HRA) and biodiversity net gain (BNG). We are also adept at negotiating with and where necessary challenging, the opinions of local authorities, statutory bodies and other stakeholders, so as to avoid the planning and assessment process becoming unduly onerous or drawn out. We achieve this through our highly effective approaches to EIA screening, scoping, GIS/digital mapping, stakeholder engagement, environmental management plans, sustainability appraisal and other assessment tools.

Our Experience

Our team of environmental consultants work with a range of specialists throughout the planning and development cycle. We have a thorough understanding of the various drivers for sustainable development including engineering, constructability, asset management, cost and embodied carbon implications of different design choices.

We have a long-standing reputation for being a trusted environmental consultancy and our team includes highly experienced EIA practitioners, topic specialists and expert witnesses. We work collaboratively and build effective relationships with our clients and their appointed design teams. As a testament to this, many of the commissions we undertake are for repeat clients who we have worked for on numerous occasions. We also have extensive experience working with local authorities, undertaking expert peer reviews of environmental statements, and advising them on complex, environmentally sensitive or otherwise contentious applications.

On all commissions, we provide clear, concise, and thoughtful advice with an emphasis on risk management and environmental enhancement. A key component of our approach is to ensure that the main environmental constraints and issues of a project are dealt with early on in the design process. We do this to maximise the environmental sustainability of a development within the constraints of a particular site, land use or design option, as well as preventing unnecessary delays and expenditure.

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