Pell Frischmann’s 2023 Social Value Report

Pell Frischmann is pleased to announce our 2023 Social Value Report. Since the launch of our first social value report last year, we have been busy ensuring that social value is an integral part of Pell Frischmann’s culture, with initiatives ranging from T-Level programmes and mentoring to volunteering with local community projects.

Our Social Value Champions and STEM Ambassadors have played a pivotal role in coordinating efforts and creating social value throughout the UK, ensuring that our projects make a lasting difference in the community.

Pell Frischmann’s Social Value Manager, Brooke Parsons said:

We are pleased to announce that over the past year, we have increased the positive changes in our communities whilst focusing on three of the five National TOMs themes: Jobs, Social and Growth.

We are delighted to have successfully delivered our social value strategy for 2021-2023 and are now in the process of launching a new three-year plan with some ambitious objectives and targets.

Our approach to social value is rooted in our belief that how we do business, is as important as what we do. Our programme and activities are focused on creating work and training opportunities; building sustainable communities through employment, skills and awareness to provide guidance and opportunities to disadvantaged groups.


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