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With over 90 years of experience in the built environment and a history with water utility companies stretching back to the first days of their privatisation in 1990, our approach to the utility asset market in the UK, as well as life-changing international developments, is to provide proactive challenge and innovation rather than simply ‘turning the handle’ – this differentiates us from our competitors.

Led by our Exeter Office (Water Utility Centre of Excellence), Pell Frischmann has a long and successful track record in making water and wastewater facilities sustainable and resilient to population growth and development challenges, whilst affording enviable standards of environmental protection to the rivers and coastal waters. Our extensive UK water design experience spans from the South-west Clean Sweep programme in 1990 to the present day collaborating on various UK Water Company frameworks. We routinely deploy TOTEX Hierarchy and Design Challenge processes to optimise the operation of existing assets in preference to new assets. Small footprint, low carbon solutions such as stormwater UV disinfection facilities (to avoid storage infrastructure in sensitive landscapes) are excellent examples of these approaches.

Our Water Sector Team collaborates with major UK companies in the water sector across the country including Wessex Water, South West Water, United Utilities, Severn Trent Water and Yorkshire Water providing our design expertise over many years on their evolving frameworks to optimise their asset improvements for maximum benefit.

The UK’s population has increased dramatically from the start of the twentieth century. With the Office for National Statistics estimating a population increase from 66M to 73M by 2041, the basic need for water and associated infrastructure remains critical as ever. Today’s careful planning will secure the long-term infrastructure requirements.

This is mirrored through our Flood Engineering capability. With disastrous floods in the past decades throughout the North of England, our Wakefield Office (Flood Management Centre of Excellence) delivers practical and expedient solutions to protect families and communities. Following the 2007 floods in Hull, the Willerby and Derringham Flood Alleviation Scheme (WaDFAS) was begun. By undertaking detailed hydraulic modelling and insightful design, approximately 8,000 homes and 200 businesses have been protected into the future.

Whilst others acquire or seek mergers, we introduce dynamism and innovation early in the development lifecycle by collaborating with niche expert companies to harness their entrepreneurial spirit. Coupled with our challenge and support, we remain flexible and responsive to exploit opportunities and provide a unique offering to our clients.

Our Water Sector is led by Lee Brock.

Lee Brock

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