The built environment and our nation’s physical and social infrastructure must be able to address more than just the immediate requirements of today’s population; the impact of climate change, the need to protect and enhance the natural environment, and securing our long-term sustainable future must be ingrained into every element of project planning, design, construction and Asset Management processes. This modern imperative applies equally to the building of new homes, businesses, industries, roads, railways, water, waste, energy and other infrastructure.  Astute developers think not only in terms of immediate capacity and financial returns, but also about the environmental impact and climate change resilience of a project, together with retaining the value, functionality, accessibility and connectivity of their assets over the longer term.

Our Environment Team provide expert and timely input to maximise environmental benefits and minimise constraints throughout the acquisition, planning, development and management cycle. Using our in-house experts and trusted supply chain, we address all relevant environmental disciplines in a pragmatic and solution-orientated way.  From determining the initial environmental constraints and opportunities of a site; undertaking baseline surveys and impact assessments; shaping and guiding project designs; helping secure planning permissions, environmental permits and consents; to carrying out environmental monitoring during construction and implementation stages, we work with multi-disciplinary teams to deliver the best outcomes for our clients and the environment.

Our Environment Sector, led by David Thomson, provides all the services required to achieve environmental best practice and successful, sustainable outcomes on any project. These include Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Materials & Waste Management, Flood Risk Assessment, Air Quality, Noise & Vibration, Climate Change Resilience, Carbon Management & Reduction, Land Contamination Risk Management, Ecology & Biodiversity Net Gain, and Expert Witness support.

Our capabilities, combined with our deep understanding of local issues, communities, regulations and technical best practice, fulfil our clients’ requirements in a single coordinated offering. This has led us to developing many long-term and trusted relationships with both clients and project partners, such as: Homes England, HTA and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and, supporting the voluntary remediation and environmental and sustainable management of a former chemical waste landfill, as well as local authorities such as the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, where we provided environmental services throughout the pre and post planning permission phases and designed the award-winning Cottingham and Orchard Park Flood Alleviation Scheme to protect 4,000 homes from future flooding events.

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