Pell Frischmann’s Social Value Efforts in 2022

 Pell Frischmann’s social value efforts in 2022 have created a major impact.

Our teams across the UK have been busy volunteering for local causes, taking part in charity fundraising, mentoring disadvantaged youth, becoming STEM Ambassadors, taking part in EDI training, reducing our carbon footprint, participating and leading school engagement activities and so much more!

Pell Frischmann has truly started to embed, facilitate and gather our social impact. Part of our vision for 2023 and our commitment is to develop and implement social value training for all staff, create and deliver employability programmes for underrepresented groups and continue to form strong relationships with local charity and community partners.

We would like to thank our partners, clients, charity partners and staff who have helped to create £7.5 million of social value this year!

Pell Frischmann’s Social Value Manager, Brooke Parsons said: Social value is important because it gets us to think through our actions, consider whether they add value to the local community and how they impact future generations. Social value is not just something we do because it’s our moral duty to, it’s also a necessity on our contracts and vital to work winning. Our aim for 2023 is to become industry leaders in social value best practice!

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