Dr Mansi Desai

Head of Sustainability

Mansi is a chartered sustainability and environmental professional, with over 12 years of career experience. She is widely experienced in developing low-carbon, climate-resilient options, and sustainable strategies, focusing on future-proofing and practical solutions on a local, regional and international scale.

Mansi is a specialist in providing sustainability solutions for major infrastructure, transport, housing, and international development schemes and has worked for a large portfolio of clients. As the Head of Sustainability, Mansi is responsible for embedding sustainability within ESG structure and evaluating current strategies, processes, and impacts to identify areas for sustainability improvements. She is also responsible for the management and coordination of multidisciplinary environmental deliverables and provides effective professional advice and guidance for a wide range of national and international projects for both public and private sector clients.

Mansi is dedicated to sustainable development and strives to work towards building a more resilient, sustainable, and equitable world. She believes in finding effective, sustainable, and data-driven solutions to improve design and project performance, thereby providing value and edge to the client within the industry.

Mansi has a doctorate in Environmental Management and Sustainability, she is a chartered Environmentalist (IEMA), a certified Sustainability and environmental educator, and a qualified project manager.

Professional Memberships and Qualifications:


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