Pell Frischmann Joins Supply Chain Sustainability School

Pell Frischmann is delighted to become a member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School – a multi-award-winning initiative that represents a common approach to addressing sustainability within the built environment industry.

Comprised of more than 20,000 members, the school provides practical support and access to training through e-learning modules, tailored self-assessment and action plans across the fields of Sustainability, Offsite, BIM, Lean and Management.

Connected to a parent company with a long-term public purpose of dealing with the environmental and social commitments resulting from the closing of Germany’s hard-coal mining industry, our work over at Pell Frischmann helps to fund the perpetual treatment of pollution and directly contributes to protecting the environment.

Pell Frischmann is proud to be a part of an organisation that creates value aligned to our noble purpose and sustainable aspirations.


For more information, please visit the Supply Chain Sustainability School at

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