Pell Frischmann at Interchange UK

We’re excited to announce that Pell Frischmann will be attending Interchange UK this year. Joining forces with our sister company, 4way Consulting, we look forward to connecting with both new and familiar faces to discuss all things transport and infrastructure!

If you wish to schedule a meeting or catch up, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Interchange UK

Highways & Transportation

Highways are a means of transporting people and goods safely and efficiently, evolving from routes for people and livestock to the modern roads that include technology as a means of meeting the challenge to reduce carbon usage whilst driving economic growth and social equality.

Pell Frischmann believes that highways and roads are the most important infrastructure globally. Not only is it a functional means of connectivity, it is a symbolic, emotional means too; it connects families across the country by every motorway, dual-carriageway and byway possible.

This includes the digital transport systems embedded within the infrastructure. Our work transcends implementing engineering expertise into a highways scheme; it is looking into the future. It is engaging with like-minded specialists to predict what a road can become and how it works to benefit the ultimate judge of the product – the public.

At Pell Frischmann, people are at the heart of our business; we design highways that benefit them whilst maximising value for our clients. Our teams take projects from inception to commissioning, increasing the business case benefits so that our clients can access funding, designing schemes that work with their environment and managing delivery as Project Managers and Supervisors.

We collaborate with National Highways and the Department for Transport via the Special Projects and Technical Services Framework, allowing us to be at the forefront of initiatives to improve the highway. Designing highways and improving junctions unlocks development but may have an impact on those adjacent to it. However, our PAS1192 accreditation for BIM, and producing expert 3D visual illustrations can demonstrate how we mitigate impact in public consultations.

Our Highways & Transportation Sector is led by Damian Kilburn and Stuart Cox.

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