Pell Frischmann Assists in Convoy Delivery Plan for Turbine Supplier

Pell Frischmann’s Edinburgh team has been assisting its long-term client Vestas with the arrangements required to make turbine component deliveries a success for one the largest onshore wind farms in the UK.

Viking Wind Farm will consist of 103 wind turbines set around the central Mainland of Shetland. The SSE promoted project features Vestas V117-4.2 MW turbines with a generating capacity of 4.3MW per turbine.  The project would provide enough electricity to meet the needs of up to 475,098 homes while saving 0.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions each year.

The turbines are transported to site in up to ten abnormal loads per turbine from the port at Greenhead Base in Lerwick through to the access points for the four sectors that make up the wider wind farm.  Turbine blades are 57m in length and with tower, nacelle and drive train sections will need to be escorted by Police and civilian escort vehicles to ensure the safety of all road users.

The construction programme requires all 1,030 abnormal loads to be delivered within a six-month period to allow the wind farm to be fully operational in 2024.

Pell Frischmann developed a detailed convoy delivery plan to assist turbine supplier Vestas identify the most efficient process to allow deliveries to be made and what measures would be required to reduce potential delays to other road users.

Working with Vestas and Shetland Islands Council, Pell Frischmann reviewed the existing traffic flows, bus routes and access routes to the access junctions.  Of prime importance was to ensure that the various convoy options did not interrupt traffic to and from the vital mainland and inter-island ferry links that local residents and businesses rely on.

The convoy delivery Plan reviewed convoy travel times, traffic management requirements and the most efficient convoy composition and delivery times.  Working with Police Scotland, deliveries are being made three times per day with convoys operating with up to four components.

Pell Frischmann’s Divisional Director Gordon Buchan, responsible for the assessment said:

Viking Wind Farm will be the third largest wind farm in the UK by turbine numbers when complete.  The convoy management was key to ensuring that the project can be built within a very short timescale and we are delighted that the assessment is working well in operation and are very grateful for the collaboration of all involved stakeholders.

Watching the skilled driver of McFadyens Transport hauling the turbine sections has been very satisfying, knowing that our team has played a small, but important role in this project.

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