Pell Frischmann Appointed to Transport Project Support Framework

Pell Frischmann is delighted to have been appointed to Nottingham City Council’s Transport Project Support Framework.

With a goal to drive sustainable improvement across the city and its surrounding areas, the framework will see Pell Frischmann supporting Nottingham’s in-house design team with delivering highway design packages to assist developments in the city.

Pell Frischmann will be undertaking Engineering services under the following lots:

  • Lot 1 – Highway Design including Cycleways;
  • Lot 2 – Traffic Signal Design;
  • Lot 3 – Structural Design;
  • Lot 5 – Transport scheme business case development.

Stuart Cox, Pell Frischmann’s Highways & Transportation Business Unit Director, said:

Another fantastic win for our teams based in the East Midland. The Transport Project Support Framework will be great for our Nottingham team to work with the Council to deliver projects that benefit the people of their City.

Pell Frischmann is thrilled to be working with Nottingham City Council to help create their vision of a safe, clean and ambitious environment residents and visitors can be proud of.

Highways & Transportation

Highways are a means of transporting people and goods safely and efficiently, evolving from routes for people and livestock to the modern roads that include technology as a means of meeting the challenge to reduce carbon usage whilst driving economic growth and social equality.

Pell Frischmann believes that highways and roads are the most important infrastructure globally. Not only is it a functional means of connectivity, it is a symbolic, emotional means too; it connects families across the country by every motorway, dual-carriageway and byway possible.

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