Thorpe Park, Leeds

Thorpe Park is a mixed-use masterplan comprising of a high-quality business park, 63ha housing development and 2,000,000ft2 of office space in Leeds. The scheme will help generate 13,000 jobs and 7,000 new homes.  

Pell Frischmann has been supporting the development of Thorpe Park since 1993 as a series of phased developments. Early works on the scheme include the design of all of the internal highway infrastructure and the main links to the existing highway network. This comprises of a signalised roundabout on the A6120 Ring Road and the formation of an Elongated Junction at J46 of the M1.  

The latest phase of the development has seen Pell Frischmann responsible for the initial detailed design of the Manston Lane Link Road (now named William Parkin Way). The road links the M1 Junction 46 western dumbbell roundabout to Manston Lane, forming the first phase of Leeds City Council’s wider East Leeds Orbital Route. Since then, our support has continued with the provision of site investigation works, transport assessments, earthworks strategies and designs for remediation. 

What we did

Design of the Manston Lane Link Road comprised of approximately 1km of dual carriageway, 1.5km of single carriageway, elongation of the M1 western dumbbell roundabout, two new roundabouts, a 3-arm traffic signal junction, a ‘green’ non-motorised user bridge and a dual carriageway bridge over the Leeds to Hull railway line. 

Historically the site had been subject to several different uses including large-scale mine working to more recently being left to develop into greenfield land. Because of this, extensive ground investigation was necessary by our Geotechnical Engineering team.  

The ground investigation considered several health and safety issues such as the likely presence of abandoned mine shafts, unexploded ordnance due to a former WW1 munitions factory, overhead power lines, and a high-pressure gas pipeline. 

Close collaboration with northern gas networks, Network Rail, archaeologists, and environmentalists allowed designs to be adapted to find the best solution for all stakeholders. Remedial works were required to treat the mine workings prior to the construction of the bridges and earthworks. 


Site investigation works and the subsequent reports provided by Pell Frischmann both informed and supported our client with the development of the site, which is now the largest out of town mixed-use development in Yorkshire. 

Construction of the Manston Lane Link Road was successfully completed in May 2019, improving accessibility to the development. The green bridge is an innovative 15-metre-wide non-motorised crossing used to carry horses, cyclists, and pedestrians. This construction will encourage non-motorised community use of open spaces and support the natural movement of wildlife, as well as accommodating growing vegetation to promote environmental perspective. 

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