Mochrum Fell Wind Farm

Mochrum Fell Wind Farm is a seven-turbine wind farm located to the north of Castle Douglas, Galloway. The scheme was originally consented in 2016, however after further assessments, giving careful consideration to wind resource and modern turbine options for the site, a new planning application was submitted, allow for turbines up to 149.9m in height.

What we are doing

Pell Frischmann’s Transport Planning Team in Edinburgh specialises in the transport and road design aspects of energy projects. Our team undertook a detailed Route Survey Review for delivering turbine components from King George V Docks in Glasgow to site, identifying the necessary road improvement and operational improvements that would be needed to transport components up to 67m in length.

Using cutting edge 3D modelling packages, the internal access track for the site was designed and enhanced with new crane pads designed to avoid impacting on sensitive areas within the site.

To further assist in the planning process and new Transport Assessment was prepared to review the likely impact of construction traffic on the surrounding road network.

The planning application has been submitted and is currently being considered by Dumfries & Galloway Council.

Pell Frischmann’s Project Director, Gordon Buchan:

Mochrum Fell will feature large scale, efficient turbines that will provide clean energy to the grid. Careful planning of the access routes was necessary to help minimise the need for intrusive works and disruption to allow these abnormal loads to be transported from Glasgow to Galloway.

Our design team has helped the client review the site infrastructure using specialist 3D modelling software to help create an efficient and sympathetic layout.


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  • icon-arrow Seven turbines up to 149.9m in height.
  • icon-arrow Generating capacity of up to 29.4MW, enough to power over 17,000 houses.
  • icon-arrow Short term increase in traffic volumes during construction, fully mitigated and accommodated within the existing road network. No residual or significant transport effects following the completion of construction activities.
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