London City Airport

London’s East End has been in a period of regeneration for the previous 40 years. Stratford’s redevelopment for the 2012 Olympics and Pontoon Dock, and Barking’s new housing schemes, aiming to keep pace with London’s growth and housing crisis, are to name a few. London City Airport (LCY), opened in 1987 as part of the London Docklands Development Corporation, a scheme to regenerate the area, is synonymous with business travelling due to its 7km proximity to the City of London.

The current City Airport Development Programme aims to build on this success and increase capacity and destinations available; in 2019, it accommodated five-million passengers, many for leisure purposes.

What we are doing

Pell Frischmann has strong experience working on LCY. Since the start of our appointment in March 2018, the project variety has demonstrated our multi-disciplinary technical capabilities, ranging from landside development of the forecourt areas, to building amenities that facilitates the construction of new terminal buildings.

Our work began with a validation phase of previous incorporated designs to mitigate risk and ensure that all requirements were met, whilst still being cost effective. This stage saw solutions such as the designing of a comprehensive concrete bridge to sustain aircraft load over a large void throughout the building phase of an underground 7m x 3m x 2m oil interceptor.

Our latest services have included the design of eight parking stands to accommodate the size and load of the new Airbus A320, as well as providing our niche expertise in AGL (lighting and systems) design for parking stands, taxiways and runways.

Outcomes so far

Using an innovative approach, we have planned and designed the new developments to allow a near seamless operation of the airport for its passengers, staff and the airlines, accommodating 50 destinations across 12 major airlines.

Our work will enable LCY to achieve its current ambitious developments, aims to accommodate an extra two million passengers, and 30,000 more flights per year, by 2025.


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