Kingsbridge Integrated Urban Drainage Management

  • Location: Kingsbridge, Devon
  • Client: South West Water, Devon County Council and the Environment Agency
  • Sector: Environment |
  • Specialisms: Flood Resilience |

Pell Frischmann was commissioned to produce an Integrated Urban Drainage Management (IUDM) study for the drainage catchment of Kingsbridge in Devon. The purpose of the study was to identify and manage flood risk, including the response to heavy rainfall and the consequences of blockages and failures.

What we are doing

Our Environment team modelled several watercourses, both open channel and culverted. A 1D hydraulic drainage network model and 2D surface model were constructed. In order to achieve maximum accuracy, our team adopted a method of long-term flow monitoring and detailed study of historic flood records.

Working with South West Water, Devon County Council and the Environment Agency meant that a collaborative approach was essential to ensure each stakeholder’s priorities were met. This coordination was crucial and highly beneficial to the study. An example of this can be demonstrated through our close work with Kingsbridge Flood Committee which led to new knowledge and a greater understanding of flooding in the area.

Outcomes so far

The findings were used to inform future flood risk assessments and catchment management plans. The project identified previously unmapped assets which can now be incorporated into plans, therefore ensuring greater protection of infrastructure in the area.

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