Century Park Access Road (CPAR)

Century Park Access Road (CPAR), formerly Wigmore Employment Area, is located north-east of London Luton Airport, and was included as a strategic development side in Luton Borough Council’s 20-year development plan. As part of the area’s new Enterprise Zone, the location required major highways traffic flow work to allow swift access to and from the area for the local communities.

With a close 20-year relationship with Luton Borough Council, Pell Frischmann was commissioned to provide Traffic and Transportation engineering in the Century Park Access Road (CPAR) scheme. CPAR, completed in 2017, comprised of over highways infrastructure improvement for over 106-acres to nearby Luton Airport and local communities; this provided economic growth for the area through the creation of 7,000 jobs and unlocked the potential for future development.

What we did

Pell Frischmann brought its Project Management capabilities, taking the scheme from initial feasibility stages to construction.

The scheme’s objectives included:

  • New highways infrastructure, allowing direct access to Century Park;
  • Constructing a new road bridge crossing Old Airport Way and linking the A1081 to the existing Airport Business Park;
  • Remodelling the off-site junctions on the adjacent highways network;
  • Enabling the introduction of sustainable transport links;
  • Enabling increased economic activity in Luton and Bedfordshire.

Pell Frischmann was appointed as Principal Designer to implement CDM Regulations for CPAR.


Century Park Access Road’s beneficial consequences will be felt long-term throughout the region in its economy, highway & traffic infrastructure improvements, community wellbeing and environment & sustainability. Benefits include:

  • Reduced congestion and improved journey times on the existing highway network through the transfer of traffic;
  • Improved journey times through new routes created;
  • Significantly improved access to Century Park Enterprise Zone;
  • Improved journey times and reliability on routes to development sites in the Inner Urban Core;
  • Increased pedestrian and cycle trips due to new green routes created, encouraging a more sustainable means of travel that once may not have been;
  • Increased bus trips due to new bus routes created with significantly improved bus journey times on existing networks.

London Luton Airport:

Pell Frischmann provided the full technical support necessary to develop and refine the alignment and prepare the business case, this work included creating a strategic Saturn model and microsimulations of road junctions. They responded to the numerous changes required by London Luton Airport as this project was being both developed and designed as it progressed. They provided the technical expertise required to advise and support the political and governing process.


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