Birmingham Transport Plan

Setting out Birmingham’s transport vision over the next 11 years, the Birmingham Transport Plan (BTP) was published in January 2020. There are four big moves initiatives within the BTP, one of which involves ‘Transforming the City Centre’ through the introduction of City Centre Segments, an initiative to encourage sustainable travel, as well as seamless travel throughout the city for residents, workers, and visitors.

What we are doing

Appointed as Transport Planners, Pell Frischmann was responsible for assembling and maintaining the BTP throughout its development, incorporating feedback from key stakeholders. City Centre Segments scheme aims to divide the city centre into six segments where the boundaries are permeable only to sustainable travel modes; Pell Frischmann’s Transport Planning Team carried out the concept design.

Birmingham Transport Plan

Due to the pandemic, Pell Frischmann was key in providing expertise for Birmingham City Council’s Emergency Birmingham Transport Plan (EBTP), setting out their short-term recovery from Covid-19; this work included bringing forward the Segments design and implementing elements of the scheme using temporary traffic management tools.

Through the team’s work thus far, Birmingham City Council has since commissioned the team to undertake Equality Impact Assessments on all EBTP schemes that were implemented. Our team of Road Safety Auditors, that was independent to our design team, undertook Road Safety Audits for the schemes within the City Centre.


Birmingham City Council has an ambitious, forward-thinking transport strategy that will help focus future infrastructure proposals to support sustainable transport and active travel, making Birmingham a greener, more environmentally sustainable city. Reducing traffic and harmful emissions will make Birmingham and more pleasant city for its residents, as well as tourists that are set to arrive to over the coming years, as the city reinvents itself as a leading European City.

Mel Jones, Head of Transport Planning and Network Strategy, Birmingham City Council:

Pell Frischmann have been instrumental in successful delivery of our EATF programme. They have been really responsive to what was a very challenging programme. The team was very proactive and engaged effectively with BCC, our partners and our contractors to ensure we were able to respond to COVID-19 pandemic.


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