A69 Junction Improvements

The North of England, home of the A69, had a reputation as one of the global providers during the industrial revolution, with a long, distinguished history; this has stretched over the centuries into the current climate too, with an annual worth of £304Bn, producing 20% of UK exports.

In 2016, the government committed to extend this regional economic force, publishing their Northern Powerhouse Strategy; £13Bn was earmarked for investment for transport infrastructure improvements and redevelopment.

Pell Frischmann is at the heart of this change, delivering multi-disciplinary expertise over a number of highway schemes throughout the north of England, including the A69. Stretching across the breadth of cities, counties and towns, the A69 is an important route between Newcastle in the North-East and Carlisle in the North-West; it connects trade, communities and families.

What we are doing

Pell Frischmann’s involvement consisted of transforming two junctions, Styford and Bridge End, both of which are traditional roundabout arrangements, into grade-separated junctions. We developed the concept designs and outline business case, achieving funding commitments and proceeding to preliminary and detailed design. Collaborative digital engineering was a necessity on this scheme. From the outset, we developed the project to Level 2 BIM and have successfully delivered a fully federated BIM model using state-of-the-art software for every element. We were able to create a visualised design where drainage, geotechnical and infrastructure clashed. From these hyper-real animated videos, our Transport Modelling Teams used the model to optimise lane configuration to develop the most efficient junctions to reduce congestion and accidents; this was presented for engagement with local residents, road users and other stakeholders.

Pell Frischmann has been appointed as Principal Designer to implement CDM Regulations for A69.

The scheme is currently under construction.

Outcomes so far

The public are our most important client. Our Highways & Transportation Teams work tirelessly to devise new answers for the most complex of challenges. The outcome on the transformation of two junctions, Styford and Bridge End, between Hexham and Newcastle, means drivers will no longer stop at these junctions; the outcome is greater than improving journey times, air quality and local economic growth. It is reducing congestion and, most importantly, reducing accidents.


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