A629 Highways Development Scheme

Highway and road infrastructure throughout the country, such as the A629, was not built for modern society’s needs. With more drivers, coupled with places becoming more accessible to visit, the issues on the users and surrounding communities and wildlife are exacerbated.

The current A629 Highways Development Scheme in West Yorkshire is an example of this. The transport infrastructure cannot keep pace with the rise in local population and economic growth; this is in addition to long-term environmental impacts such as stop-and-start traffic along congested highways and heavy vehicles on steep inclines, which rapidly deteriorates air quality.

As of 2015, the scheme was announced and wholesale improvements to the highway and surrounding area were to begin. Funded by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority for Calderdale Council, the scheme is split into two parts. Phase 1a acting as an enabling element to the subsequent delivery of Phase 1b, covering adjacent sections of the A629.

The Calderdale A629 Phase 1b Highway Development Scheme will improve access to Halifax town centre from the M62 corridor, transform bus travel between Halifax and Huddersfield and contribute to economic growth in West Yorkshire. Phase 1a, an enabling scheme including widening of a section of the A629 towards Halifax, is now complete and will ensure the benefits of Phase 1b are maximised. Pell Frischmann undertook NEC3 Supervisor services for Phase 1a.

What we are doing

Pell Frischmann is delivering multi-disciplinary expertise on the A629 Junction schemes, led by our Highways & Transport Team, for: Civil Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Highways Engineering, and Traffic & Transport Engineering, with further work on Interchange Design, Traffic Signal Design, and Public Transport IT.

Pell Frischmann was appointed to develop the Phase 1b scheme which includes a new signal-controlled junction to replace existing mini-roundabouts, with the A629 also being widened to continue the existing, two-lane provision northbound. Furthermore, a new highway link between the A629 and Stainland Road is being created, with a new roundabout at the Stainland Road Junction to the western side of the new link.

Pell Frischmann has been appointed as Principal Designer to implement CDM Regulations for A629 Highways Development Scheme.

Outcomes so far

The ultimate client and biggest judge of the A629 is the public. Driving to work. Driving to see their family and friends. Driving to reach their destination. By delivering Phase 1, congestion and accessibility between Halifax and Huddersfield will be eased, unlocking and increasing local employment in surrounding areas such as Copley. Environmental benefits include improving air quality; safety benefits include decreasing traffic accidents and protecting lives through the Calder & Hebble Junction.


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