250 Bishopsgate

This ambitious project to improve the facilities at the NatWest Group’s head office on 250 Bishopsgate formed a major part of their efforts to reduce the size of their office portfolio. Works included the creation of a new 340 seat conference centre on the ground floor, in addition to the refurbishment of an entire floor to facilitate agile working and the construction of meeting pods within the reception atrium. This heavily populated, eleven-storey building is located in the City of London on 250 Bishopsgate.

What we did

Initially, Pell Frischmann’s Fire Engineering Team reviewed the existing constraints (both physical and imposed by the original fire strategy) to provide the design team with a set of design limitations, including the maximum occupant load of each floor.

The works in both atria required specific fire safety solutions to enable the construction of new structures within these spaces.

The main challenge for the project was to undertake the works while the building was occupied. Therefore, our team advised the Main Contractor in the phasing of the works and the use of temporary fire precautions to maintain the safety of the building occupants.

Once works were completed, the team rewrote the building’s Fire Strategy. They subsequently incorporated the required changes to the building and the new fire safety measures introduced by the project.


The Fire Engineering Team helped to successfully deliver the architectural intent creating vibrant, co-working spaces and a new, state of the art conference centre. Successful outcomes include:

  • Successful relocation of conference centre on the ground floor;
  • Creation of a new meeting room suite at the ground floor;
  • Provision of additional co-working workstations on the third floor;
  • Flexible use of the base of the central atrium;
  • Additional meeting pods constructed in the entrance atrium.


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