Meet us at the UK Road Tunnel Operators Forum

Represented by our Technical Director, Paul Sturch, we’re pleased to be attending this year’s UK Road Tunnel Operators Forum! If you would like to arrange a meeting, please contact Paul at

Water & Utilities

With over 90 years of experience in the built environment and a history with water utility companies stretching back to the first days of their privatisation in 1990, our approach to the utility asset market in the UK, as well as life-changing international developments, is to provide proactive challenge and innovation rather than simply ‘turning the handle’ – this differentiates us from our competitors.

Led by our Exeter Office (Water Utility Centre of Excellence), Pell Frischmann has a long and successful track record in making water and wastewater facilities sustainable and resilient to population growth and development challenges, whilst affording enviable standards of environmental protection to the rivers and coastal waters. Our extensive UK water design experience spans from the South-west Clean Sweep programme in 1990 to the present day collaborating on various UK Water Company frameworks. We routinely deploy TOTEX Hierarchy and Design Challenge processes to optimise the operation of existing assets in preference to new assets. Small footprint, low carbon solutions such as stormwater UV disinfection facilities (to avoid storage infrastructure in sensitive landscapes) are excellent examples of these approaches.


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