Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040 – The importance of Active Travel solutions

At the beginning of 2021, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) published their Transport Strategy 2040 and Five Year Transport Delivery Plan (2021-2026), an ambitious long-term plan to:

  • Increase modes of sustainable travel by 50%;
  • Achieve carbon neutrality by 2038;
  • Achieve a no-net increase in motor vehicle traffic by 2040.

Pell Frischmann’s Manchester-based Transport and Highways Team, alongside the Environmental Consultants Temple Group, consider TfGM’s publications. Both teams collaborated to explore:

  • The role of active travel as part of the future transport mix;
  • How Great Manchester is excelling in this area;
  • The challenges that will be faced in the Transport Strategy 2040 Plan.

To read the team’s analysis and insight, click the link to the right.

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