Exploring Our Work on Seymour Centre

The Seymour Centre revitalization project, guided by Westminster City Council, exemplifies a fabric-first approach to decarbonization and sustainability. Embracing the building’s art deco origins, designed by Kenneth Cross in the 1930s, this Grade II-listed building will undergo a transformation to adapt its original leisure purpose into a modern, sustainable community hub.

Pell Frischmann was appointed on this project by Westminster City Council to provide civil and structural engineering services.

Our strategy prioritizes the full utilization of the existing building only intervening where considerable user benefit can be achieved. We’re creatively repurposing underused spaces such as replacing the redundant pool tank into a state-of-the-art gym and raising a courtyard to ground level for additional community use. This approach, combined with a major overhaul of services and fabric upgrades, enhances the usability of the building whilst maximising building retention.

Inspection of historical data and site investigations revealed that the method of construction employed in the creation of the now redundant swimming pool, allowed for the extension of the basement without the need for additional excavation or construction of retaining walls. The conversion of lightwells and stair wells into lift shafts and the reuse of foundations in the internal courtyard will enable improved access and additional ground floor spaces with a fraction the embodied carbon costs associated with new builds.

Engagement in the Seymour Centre project was multifaceted, involving community groups, public members, and disability groups, ensuring inclusivity in its journey.

The embodied carbon associated with the structural alterations for the development are under 100kgCO2e/m2, achieving IstructE SCORS rating of A+ and considerably under the LETI 2030 targets.

Shahrukh Husain, Structural Engineer at Pell Frischmann said:

Its exciting to be involved in the redevelopment of the Seymour Centre, particularly because it is the heart of the local community. Once complete, it will provide a range of services from a new library to swimming facilities. Pell Frischmann are working extensively alongside the wider design team to ensure a sympathetic and sustainable redevelopment.

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