Embodied Carbon for Structures

Recently, the UK Government mandated a Net Zero Carbon (NZC) by 2050. Throughout the UK, companies are updating their environment and sustainability policies to work towards this goal. With more of an emphasis on environmental and sustainability issues, company policies should oblige their supply chain to address Net Zero Carbon and make improvements; we all have a duty to work together and achieve these aims.

Pell Frischmann’s Structural and Digital Teams have designed the Embodied Carbon for Structures (EC4S) tool which compares the embodied carbon of various substructure and superstructure concepts, as well as measure the embodied carbon content of structural framing options for the whole building’s lifecycle.

The goal of EC4S is to:

  • Provide better decision-making in the early stages of a project; this can lead to significant reductions in the embodied carbon and added value;
  • Contribute to the industry development and research in this field, yielding new data that will be incorporated;
  • Continuously develop; the teams are working to incorporate how selected material specifications can minimise the total embodied carbon.

To access the free tool, click the link here.

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