Open to graduates across the RSBG Group Companies, our two-year Graduate Development Programme is built around the competence requirements of professional institutions and a great way to kick start your career. The approach we take provides a specific plan of training and experience to allow you to build towards your desired occupation.

Underpinned by a core programme to develop project, business and personal effectiveness skills, you will get to share your experience with graduates from across the business, working together on shared programme activities and culminating in team days at the end of each programme year.

What is the Graduate Programme?

The programme is formed from two components;

  • Away from the workplace, core events and activities common to our graduates across the group organisations. These include topics such as business and project skills, personal effectiveness and basic leadership.
  • Workplace-based, occupational specific aspects in the form of training and vocational experience building required for the chosen technical discipline and professional development competencies.

Most programme participants will be aspiring to professional registration or similar with a recognised institution or association. Typically, the period required to obtain the necessary experience and competence (Initial Professional Development (IPD)) can extend over several years. The Graduate Programme is designed as an effective kick start to this process for you, with both core content and occupational specific content contributing to competency development.

The annual programme commences in January and as you move through the programme you will benefit from a linked progression and remuneration structure.

Graduate Development Programme – PF


Annually, at commencement of each programme year, you will begin your individual Occupational Development Plan (ODP)The ODP defines the occupational specific off the job training required and state how specific on the job occupational experience and opportunity will be provided within the workplace.

At the conclusion of each programme year, a progress assessment is undertaken. The assessment compares progress against the both the programme syllabus and workplace activities made in the ODP. A short evidence-based report for each individual is produced to facilitate further workplace discussion.

In addition to this, you’ll receive a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package.

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