Digital Construction Guide

Pell Frischmann have contributed experience, case studies and sponsorship to the Digital Construction Guide which has now been launched. The guide provides advice for owners, clients and project managers on how to make best use of digital on their construction projects, with practical advice and case studies.

Effective use of digital data and technology can make projects faster, bring better value and deliver a better building. Working out how to make best use of the technology for your project though isn’t easy. Getting the benefits is usually not just a case of using mature technology. The technology is evolving, and to get the most from digital requires changes to how people work, to commercial incentives and increased collaboration in the supply-chain. The online guide, with downloadable articles is a collected view, from multiple companies (including Pell Frischmann) of what the best use of digital in design, construction and infrastructure looks like. It comes from many projects, in many countries, and represents hard won lessons about how to use technology and data to make better built assets.

If you have any thoughts or comments on the guide, or would like to get involved, then please do contact our Chief Digital Officer, Tony Gosling.

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