Why Pell Frischmann

Pell Frischmann is one of the UK’s most influential and highly respected firms of built environment professionals with a strong consulting engineering pedigree.

Originally formed in 1926, Pell Frischmann has a unique heritage in delivering client-focussed solutions that deliver value through our commercial awareness, sustainable aspirations and innovative approach. Our distinctive future is defined by our ownership; Pell Frischmann is part of RSBG SE, the patient capital investment-arm of RAG-Stiftung. RAG-Stiftung is a foundation with the long-term public purpose to deal with the environmental and social commitments resulting from the closing of Germany’s hard-coal mining industry. RSBG SE’s mission is to generate sustainable funds for the foundation, so our work directly contributes to protecting the environment.

We work with both public and private bodies to generate local, regional, or national growth, and with utilities aiming for a more sustainable future. We collaborate with a range of agencies attempting to make infrastructure safer to use and easier to finance, and with property developers to make their property portfolio prosper. This diversity of work is possible because of Pell Frischmann’s unique position in the industry.

At Pell Frischmann, we live by our values of Reliable, Respectful, Responsible, Responsive and Rewarding. Our values are more than just words. They enable us to achieve our vision together, pushing the boundaries of what our industry can deliver.

As an employer, we are committed to your personal and career development. We provide you with a secure and supportive working environment. We encourage you to make an impact within the business and the communities in which you operate. In addition, above all, we recognise your valuable contribution to our team. As an employee, through your behaviour, we live by our values which creates our secure and supportive working environment and enables us to achieve our vision – together.

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