Bedfordshire Neighbourhood Clean Up

Last week, members from our Luton office donned their finest PPE to take part in Bedfordshire’s ‘Neighbourhood Clean Up’, a volunteering initiative designed Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) & Milestone Infrastructure.

The mission for the day was to assist with the tidy up and refresh of the shared social housing spaces, increasing pride in the area. This was their first partnership event with their suppliers, and we were delighted to be involved!

Our colleagues Kudakwashe Felix, Ben Biggin and Imran Haider completed tasks including edging footpaths/pathways, scaping moss from footpaths/pathways, weed and ivy removal.

Kudakwashe Felix commented:

“It was an absolutely amazing experience and was my first-time volunteering. I was working so hard and was enjoying it so much I forgot I was volunteering. The CBC team were very accommodating and provided great snacks! Felt a good sense of achievement afterwards and would definitely do it again”!

Ben Biggin said:

“The cliche is true, many hands make short work. A bit of effort by a lot of people in 3 hrs made a big difference to the look of the place.  Felix showed exceptional gully clearance skills”.

Our partnership with Central Bedfordshire Council/Milestone began in September 2023, who have been awarded 38 schemes across various disciplines including Structures, Geotechnical, Highways, Drainage, Dev Control, and Lighting & Signals.

Social Value at Pell Frischmann

At Pell Frischmann, we are committed to delivering a positive social value impact on society, the economy and environment within which we work, whilst continuing to provide world-class professional technical services in the built environment.

Pell Frischmann’s Social Value Strategy aims to improve community wellbeinginclusioncohesion and empowerment, whilst providing a baseline to measure our ability to contribute sustainably through our regional activities.

By considering social values in all aspects of our business, from a project’s impact on the local region, to all decisions made within the project’s lifecycle, we can play our part in cultivating a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive society.

The aims of our Social Value Strategy align with our ‘Noble Purpose’. In 2015, Pell Frischmann was acquired by RSBG, the patient capital arm of RAG-Stiftung, a foundation with the long-term public purpose to deal with the environmental and social commitments resulting from Germany’s hard-coal mining industry. RSBG’s mission is to generate sustainable funds for the foundation, so our work directly contributes to protecting the environment.

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