Social Value

At Pell Frischmann, we are committed to delivering a positive social value impact on society, the economy and environment within which we work, whilst continuing to provide world-class professional technical services in the built environment.

Pell Frischmann’s Social Value Strategy aims to improve community wellbeing, inclusion, cohesion and empowerment, whilst providing a baseline to measure our ability to contribute sustainably through our regional activities.

By considering social values in all aspects of our business, from a project’s impact on the local region, to all decisions made within the project’s lifecycle, we can play our part in cultivating a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive society.

The aims of our Social Value Strategy align with our ‘Noble Purpose’. In 2015, Pell Frischmann was acquired by RSBG, the patient capital arm of RAG-Stiftung, a foundation with the long-term public purpose to deal with the environmental and social commitments resulting from Germany’s hard-coal mining industry. RSBG’s mission is to generate sustainable funds for the foundation, so our work directly contributes to protecting the environment.

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