Funding Environmental Protection

In 2015, Pell Frischmann was acquired by RSBG, the patient capital investment arm of RAG-Stiftung. RAG-Stiftung is a foundation with the long-term public purpose to deal with the environmental and social commitments resulting from the closing of Germany’s hard-coal mining industry. RSBG’s mission is to generate sustainable funds for the foundation, so our work directly contributes to protecting the environment.

In practice, this means helping to fund the perpetual treatment of pollution resulting from over 100 years of mining coal in the Ruhr Valley in Germany, costing 300M euros in 2019, as well as contributing to 30M euros associated education and cultural support programmes.

Furthermore, we look to embed this noble purpose in the way we operate as a business, the way we design and deliver our projects, and the legacy that we leave behind.

We work alongside companies whose social and environmental aspirations align with our own. We collaborate with them, bringing our innovative skills to bear on solving problems together, thus playing our part in delivering a sustainable future for all.

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