Fire engineering is the appliance of scientific and engineering knowledge, rules and expert judgement to protect people, property and the environment from the effects of fire. Pell Frischmann’s fire engineers have applied these principles to projects in a wide variety of sectors. We have extensive experience in the railway sector (particularly for subsurface stations); mixed use developments and higher education buildings. Further experience includes offices, both new and refurbished; retail/supermarkets; historical buildings, and residential.

Our fire engineers work closely with architects and the design team to develop the best fire strategy for the building. Depending on the complexity of the project the content of the strategy can range from demonstrating code compliance to a fully fire engineered solution. We always aim to achieve a high level of life safety while respecting the architectural intent. Furthermore, where we see the potential for cost savings or to add value to the project we will put these suggestions to the design team for consideration.

We are able to perform fire modelling and evacuation simulation using FDS, Pyrosim and buildingExodus. Modelling is a very useful tool in the design process, giving an insight into the performance of the building under specific circumstances. Results of the simulations can be used to inform the design process and can be required to obtain regulatory approval for buildings which fall outside codes of practice.

Our services include:

  • Fire strategy development
  • Fire and evacuation modelling
  • Sprinkler and fire detection system design
  • Works impact fire risk assessments and Bb224 applications
  • External fire spread analysis
  • Advice on, fire codes, legislation and building regulations.
  • Fire Risk Assessment