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Central & Eastern Europe

AddressAddress: Spaiul Independentei Nr. 17 Sect 5, Cod Postal 050091, ROMANIA

TelTel: 004031103518

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Our Eastern European network of specialists are able to draw on expertise from throughout our global services. Our team operates in close collaboration with both municipality and local consultancy partners in delivering a service of unparalleled commitment, quality and value.

We have been operating in Romania for over two decades and established our office in Bucharest ten years ago. We have carried out projects in all areas of our expertise including the masterplanning for the Bucharest Historic Zone for the municipality and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP); the Bucharest Historic Buildings project; the Bucharest to Constanta motorway; the Bucharest Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Oradea District Heating and Power Generation scheme.

We have worked in Albania, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, and Romania.


Central & Eastern Europe