Naomi Tucker

Naomi Tucker joined Pell Frischmann as an under-graduate studying at Coventry University. As a young woman at the earliest stage of a career in engineering, she is taking a flexible approach to her development.

“I went to a careers fair at university to find a placement. While I was there Pell Frischmann offered me an interview and apparently it went well. I started work as part of a placement, but I was then offered the chance to join permanently and complete my degree part time.

“From September I will being doing four days at Pell Frischmann and will arrange a day release for when lectures are scheduled at Coventry University. Fortunately it is close to Pell Frischmann in Birmingham so it is great that it is flexible and I can combine studying with the start of my career instead of doing one after the other.”

And how does life feel in the Birmingham Office?

“The Birmingham Office has a good social side to its work, especially as the weather improves so we can enjoy being out and about more. Everyone knows each other as well, so we can celebrate each other’s successes as a team which is nice. It isn’t like being just another number.

“I actually spend a lot of time dealing with clients, and searching for information that will be important for completing assessments and reassuring them. So it is a very different type of learning to what I do at university.”

Pell Frischmann has signed the WISE ten steps, so how does it feel to be a female student in engineering?

“At university it was a bit daunting walking into the lecture theatre and seeing almost everyone there was a guy. It wasn’t too bad, but it is less of a problem in the office. Everyone at work is in a more professional atmosphere, so we are all engineers rather than anything else.

“We are only a small team though. That’s good because everyone knows each other, but it also means I’m presently the only girl in my age group on the team. Hopefully that will change as the office grows because of the new projects we are winning, especially if there is an effort to ensure women are given an equal chance.”
And what does the future hold for an undergraduate at Pell Frischmann?

“I should graduate with my BEng in 2018 and I can do my masters after that, although I might not do it immediately. I wasn’t sure about what sector I would want to work in before, but I’m working in structures in the railways sector now. The rail sector is really interesting so hopefully I can keep doing more of that.”